Airbnb is letting NHS staff and frontline coronavirus workers stay for free

NHS staff and frontline carers during the coronavirus pandemic have been superheroes without capes.

Their lives outside of work aren’t easy either, whether it’s finding food after their shift, parking or just the meticulous hygiene they have to practise before entering their own homes.

So to make their lives just a bit easier, Airbnb has agreed to offer free accommodation to our frontliners should they need a place to crash.

Hosts across the UK can opt into the programme and offer an entire home property through Airbnb’s Open Homes platform, which was created in 2012 to meet the needs of people requiring emergency housing.

The initiative hopes to help house 100,000 healthcare professionals, relief workers, and first responders battling the coronavirus outbreak around the world.

Nearly 1,500 places to stay have already been offered by hosts in the UK.

The move has already launched in Italy and France where Airbnb and local partners announced that doctors, nurses, caregivers and other medical support staff who are responding to the outbreak in the country can access accommodation.

More than 8,000 hosts have so far offered their homes.

Patrick Robinson, Director of Public Policy, at Airbnb, explained: ‘The entire country is behind our heroic NHS and medical staff as they battle the coronavirus outbreak. We have made it our priority to stand with the Airbnb community to do what we can to help.

‘By working together, we can ensure that frontline workers can find a free and convenient place to stay as they continue their critical work. We thank our doctors and nurses across the country from the bottom of our hearts and are grateful to hosts who have already opened their homes during these difficult times.’